Inhairitance CurlCare

The road to formulating the Inhairitance CurlCare line has been an incredible journey. For

the past seven years, thousands of our clients’ hairstories and experiences have guided us

every step of the way. Our daily experience with our clients’ different textures, curl types,

challenges and hair goals are responsible for the many adjustments and tweaks we made

along the way to perfecting our formulas. We matched our daily experience and curl

expertise with the best of what science and nature have to offer for curly hair care.

The result is an incredibly versatile and extremely effective CURL Ritual consisting of six

products, to be enjoyed at any InHAIRitance Curl Spa and in the comfort of your own home.

 InHAIRitance CurlCare products offer concrete solutions to our most pressing curly


Dealing with such a large quantity of curly hair textures, we used our seven years of Curl

Expertise and daily routines to gather our most common Curly Pain Points:

- Dehydration and lack of moisture retention

- Damage and breakage

- Unbalanced porosity levels: low porosity or very high porosity

- Lack of definition and bounce

To offer the most effective and natural solutions for these common curly concerns,

we have done extensive research and selected the most valuable plant extracts,

amino acids and oils for our formulations.

By looking deeper into our “Inhairitance” we found our key ingredients: The

Resurrection Plant, the Baobab tree, Abissinian Oil, Ginseng and Green Tea.